I am unsure if there is a finer establishment. The staff is warm and the bathroom is my favorite. The food is still my favorite part of this place.

Morgan S., via Facebook

Their pizza is so dope. And the meatball sub is excellent.

Latoya W., via Facebook

This is probably the best pizza and place on the planet. I feel a little sad every time I finish a slice. When they closed for a week over Christmas I nearly cried.

Maher A., via Facebook

My favorite pizza spot in the hood. The atmosphere is great, the food is amazing, I’m still shocked at how good that salad is, and the staff is incredible. And now, after writing this, I want some pizza… dammit.

Linwood Y., via Facebook

My favorite place……the pizza is top notch, the beers are great and the service is great.

Agustin P., via Facebook

Thanks for being you !!!!

Jessica W., via Facebook

Nice. Good mood.

Lubomir B., via Facebook

Great pizza, super cool staff, fun after hours spot; And try the scorpion pepper hot sauce they keep behind the bar. Thanks, Jacob!

Ryan E., Brooklyn, NY

Was recommended by a friend and I was not disappointed! The bartenders were super kind and funny, and they made a point to chat with everyone in the bar. They were able to work around my tomato allergy and didn’t give me any grief for it, which I really appreciate. The prices weren’t too bad and the drinks were great! I cannot wait to come back

Julie W., Fort Worth, TX

This is my go to dinner spot, whether it be for a slice of their special pizza, a grinder, or a salad with a side of meatballs. Everything I order from here is amazing. The pizza is soft yet has a crunchy bottom, the cheese and sauce are perfect, and they loadddd on the toppings. The main thing I get is their salad and add ham, turkey, and shredded mozzarella- makes an amazing chef salad. They have so many different beers to choose from and they aren’t the traditional CoorsLight, Budweiser, Coronas, which is refreshing, they craft or local beers. The service is great, they are always friendly, down to chat, and remember you for the most part. Sometimes if I don’t feel like going out out- just going here for some beer and food with friends is a fun night. They play good music, attract a pretty young and eclectic crowd, its always a good night here. Very relaxed. Definitely check it out.

Timothy S., Brooklyn, NY

Best place ever. From the pizza, to the grinders to the salads (that you can add an assortment of meats too). No to mention they got fuckin’ cold Budweiser to slam while you wait (a short period of time) for your grub. Great staff. open till 4am. Nuff said.

austin h., Brooklyn, NY

Great little pizza place. Love the crust; much more substantial than your typical New York slice, and the pepperoni pieces were super tasty. Will definitely be coming back. Also, really fast prep time for pick-up

Lisa G., Brooklyn, NY

A friend and I had been wanting to try Archie’s and we finally did. He got there first and took it upon himself to order a large pie with anchovies and ricotta. Not for nothing but I thought that was a bit rude—I’m not a fan of the anchovy. But Archie’s version was fantastic! Not drowning in fishiness, balanced really nicely with cheese—it was great! Suffice it to say I”ve craving it ever since. The Greek wine, the meatball appetizer—all really delicious.

Great vibe, very friendly service, not overcrowded, just really, really good.

Sandra G., Brooklyn, NY

Hey, this is a fun time. Very nice people working the bar and pizza station, good drink, good grub, what more can you ask for? I don’t know, but I do hope that this place sticks around because the block needs more cool little unpretentious spots.
The food is quick and delicious. The beer selection is smart. The wine is all greek for some reason. But that’s cool, I guess.
Ok yea, check this place out.

Oliver L., Brooklyn, NY

Awesome pizza and a chill spot to hang around. Definitely gonna be a bushwick classic.

Oya D., Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Great vibe, delicious pizza, affordable brews, and super helpful and friendly staff! I might become a regular.

Kelly B., Truckee, CA

This is a great neighborhood hangout. It’s small enough that the fun staff gets to know just about everyone. I sat at the bar by myself, and made a couple friends. The recipes are from the chef’s Greek grandmother, so you know they’re going to taste home-made. The meatball grinder was full of flavor, and so big I could barely finish it. The dressing on the Greek salad was light and tart.

Eric J., Sherman Oaks, CA

Stopped in tonight because Archie’s just opened up near my house and wanted to check it out. Turns out it’s co-owned by one of the nicest guys in the hood! I wasn’t super hungry, so I just got a slice, but it was delicious – you could tell they took care in picking quality ingredients, the sauce was excellent, definitely a step up from a regular slice place. Watching other peoples food come out, the salad was huge, and the meatballs looked absolutely amazing. If I had been hungrier I totally would have ordered those after seeing them. Looking forward to trying the grinders. I’m so excited to have a place close by that serves great food til 4am!!!!! Also full bar, cozy and clean. I think they will do very well. So happy to have another great option!

Tanya D., Brooklyn, NY

This place is a welcome addition to the neighborhood! I’ve been in three times since they opened just barely two weeks ago and I’m completely obsessed. The itty bitty pepperoni’s they put on a yummy slice of pizza are amazing and kind if remind me of the pizza I ate growing up as a kid in the Detroit area. Anyways, this place is great!!!

Lauren P., Brooklyn, NY

Amazingly good pizza! Perfect date spot or just hanging w friends. Don’t usually love salads but their Romaine salad w the house dressing also worth a bite.

Karla M., via Foursquare

Deep dish pizza, good beer, and open late. Couldn’t ask for more.

Erin S., via Foursquare

Ricotta/meatball pie & beers add the chili

Sloane T., via Foursquare

Headiest late-night grub spot. Meatball sub was crispy and flavorful and essentially put me to bed. Awesome staff!

Mike F., via Foursquare

Had the meatball sub and was very impressed. It’s got a touch of spice to it and is very filling

Sasha F., via Foursquare

New England-style pizza done right. Fun late night scene

Jeremy F., via Foursquare